Simplifying and translating
the complexity of the market in order to make the right decisions

Analysis and research play a key role, influencing Asset Management and Investment Banking decisions.

We explore market issues and analysis of individual instruments and sectors, always aiming for a different perspective to our competitors, supporting institutional investors with customised solutions.

We build customer relationships destined to last, placing emphasis on the personalisation of our analysis service, on reporting and investment proposals.

Our services

  • Market, industry and product analysis
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Fundamental and prospective valuation of individual issuers from the point of view of both equity and debt.
  • Capital structure analysis applied to financial and non-financial companies, with particular focus on high-yield bonds and shares.

Ultimi Reports

Execution & Trading

Global player in the OTC world, acting as a reliable partner that is attentive to the requirements of banks, funds and corporate clients
Our Execution desk is supported by clients and market makers,

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