Management and Advisory:
added value that sets us apart

Our proven management experience, knowledge of operational issues and diversification of investment styles enable us to provide a wide range of services based on an established investment process. By accessing the research produced by the major international Asset Managers, also in ​​consultancy field, we have the opportunity to address the most relevant issues.

JCI Capital Sicav

Our offer is based on highly customised management mandates, along with specific management styles developed with products distributed through collective investment vehicles. The investment process involves a top-down phase based on the elaboration of macroeconomic and quantitative research scenarios, and a bottom-up analysis of individual investment ideas using fundamental criteria.


The Systematic approach

The portfolio optimization, the risk management, the continuous monitoring of the positions on the market and the performance attribution complete the systematic process. By adopting quantitative models we define the optimal Asset Allocation according to three macro variables: the expected return, the risk appetite and the investment time horizon.