Management and Advisory,
added value that sets us apart

Our proven management experience, knowledge of operational issues and diversification of investment styles allows for a wide range of services, based on the rigour and quality of adopted methodologies.

JCI Capital Sicav

We offer customised management mandates; the best investment strategies are spread through collective investment vehicles (SICAV Funds).  The investment process involves an initial top-down approach with the development of macroeconomic scenarios and quantitative research, followed by in-depth analysis of investment ideas based on bottom-up fundamental analysis.


Systematic approach

Portfolio optimization, risk management, close monitoring of positions taken on the market and performance attribution complete our systematic process.

Our quantitative approach allows us to define targets precisely  and to determine the probability of success through various simulations.

Our risk analysis makes full use of quantitative models , in both equities and fixed income. VaR, Stress Testing and Performance Attribution monitor and refine portfolio management.